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The Style

The Flawless Camisole is without doubt a staple piece of anyone’s wardrobe. Available in two pattern options: Camisole or Slip.

The longer slip can be used as an undergarment or worn as a dress. The camisole is a great garment to wear for work.


Pattern Size 8 to 24 This is the Paper Version.


Available in PDF in our PDF pattern section of the shop

Flawless Camisole

SKU: Flawless Paper
  • Fabric Suggestions

    This pattern should be made with a light weight fabric that has drape. A Polyester, Viscose or Silk would work well.


    Here’s a great idea. Why not make a printed matching set by making the Mason Trouser and the Flawless Camisole? Wear together and tuck the camisole in the trouser. The most comfortable jump suit ever! No need to fully undress to use the ladies. No need to worry if you made it just the right length for your body either, just tuck and go!

    Skill Level

    This blouse and slip are aimed at an intermediate sewer. There’s nothing too tricky here though if you’ve made a garment or two before and your confidence is building. No zips, no interfacing, no gathering, no hand sewing.


    No Trims required

    Paper Patterns

    When you purchase the Paper version of the Flawless Camisole you will receive an envelope in the post with the following contents:

    • A Handy resealable envelope to hold your pattern and booklet.
    • Instruction Booklet
    • 3 x A0 full size pattern pages printed on lightweight white paper showing a long and short version of the Camisole – Front, Back and Facings.
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