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Helping you understand the minimum requirements

All you need to make any of our patterns is a basic domestic sewing machine.

As long as it’s got a straight stitch and a zigzag you’re laughing.

Some sewists who have a bit more experience and want a more professional finish to their garment can use other more sophisticated machinery such as overlockers and coverstitch machines. They can use binding folders and stretch stitches to improve the make-up of their garments.

If you’re unsure about this, try out some sewing classes or watch some you tube videos and teach yourself how to get there in time.

At Pattern cutters we’ve tried to keep it simple. If you’re sewing something stretchy, it’s best to sew your stitch a bit smaller in length and it will give you a bit more give to prevent the thread breaking.

We do know however that this is something that is within reason and there are none of our stretch styles that require any seam to be stretched to the point that the strain would cause it to break.

We’ve explained which machine stitch to use in each of our instruction booklets, how to set it for each particular operation, what the seam allowance should be at each step and whether or not you need to go on the neaten the raw edge with an overlock or zigzag.

There’s nothing to scary in there so crack on and enjoy yourself making some fab new things for your wardrobe!

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