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We have a description of the style and make recommendations on fabric selection for the garment on our website and within each of our instruction booklets (which you can take out shopping with you when you go to buy your fabric and any trims you need).

Our instructions will tell you whether the fabric should be knitted jersey or woven and the fabric weight, and whether it’s best to make your garment in a rigid or drapey/fluid fabric.

Whilst we can’t tell you which shops or websites to visit or shop at, most of our styles are quite lightweight fluid garments that should be made from dress fabrics. Try and tailor your search around shops that sell those kind of fabrics.

How much fabric to buy will be indicated on a chart, you can find this chart shown beside each style in the website shop and in the instruction booklet.

It will be shown in metric and imperial measurements. It shows various fabric widths and the amount of interfacing you need, if any. Pick your size and look at the width on the fabric you like and check the chart to see how much you need.

If you find it a bit confusing because you’re buying fabric for the first time, don’t be afraid to ask the shop assistant. I’m positive they’ll be very helpful and get you exactly the right amount that you need by looking at the booklet or website for you.

In the instruction booklet it will show you any trims you need to buy and how much.

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